about amerikanbeat

amerikanbeat declines use of certain analogies, but never an opportunity to analogize. He is Christian turned process thinker turned atheist. He is surely some kind of Marxist, occupying the fringy-fringes of the Trotskyist movement. Other interests include his kitty Charles, doggy Saffy, useful fictions, beer, and swanky rock and roll (’66-’79/trash/glam/ punk-n-roll/garage/powerpop). A latish bloomer, it is high time he started being more productive. He hopes this blog will help him collect his thoughts and discipline him to write now that school is, for the time being, finished. Ostensible topics are U.S. foreign policy, a/theism, Cuba, and the analysis of “everyday” attitudes, practices, and speech–unpacking the blind and heavy baggage of the lifeworld and its representations. (This might be termed “ordinary language philosophy,” on an ordinary-language interpretation of the term.)

User’s guide (in process):

  • (1) Posts come at least every week, more frequently on average.
  • (2) Being relevant is not the same as being topical; some posts claim only the former.
  • (3) For now, posts may be edited after publication. Such changes are mostly (a) insubstantial and “aesthetic”: Say, swapping “on balance” for “overall” in some summary of effects. But (b) factual corrections and additions will be considered as well. Neither type is very sinister, I think, though ‘(b)’-changes may be considered slimy if unaccompanied by an editor’s in-text note. As “blogging” ethics clarify themselves to me, and as increased readership requires better note of those that are clear, my approach here may change.
  • (4) Posts tend to sacrifice brevity for clarity, and a surface appearance of clarity for clarity. A respectful desire to sneak nothing by on force of rhetoric informs a prejudice for arguing each point. I’m aware of the wordy downside.
  • (5) I am not comfortable with sexist grammar. I don’t like using “he” and “him” as generic pronouns (e.g., “Any dentist in the world will tell you he likes teeth.”) But I’ll be darned if I haven’t found an alternative I like either. “He or she” is so inelegant sometimes.

p.s. I know its “Sanders” and not “Saunders.” I’m just too lazy to change the graphic.


5 responses to “about amerikanbeat

  1. I love your blog. I will read it everyday. It makes me feel more smarter.

  2. #5: Use “they”. It’s perfectly acceptable!

  3. Jase Short introduced me to this blog on Facebook (I live in Orlando, FL). I love your analogies.

    • Wow, thanks so much for that. Funny, I was just working on a blog about the use of analogies in argument. Maybe I can come up with an analogy to the use of analogies. And then another analogy to that. Seriously, thanks for reading.

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